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Highlights of the security service in the Nation's History!


This is a space where questions related to the Presidential Security Service and security service are assembled.

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  • ○ Presently, the Presidential Security Service hires employees by dividing the employment areas into security and information communications through public recruitment every year.

    ※The criteria for qualifications to take tests for public employment (see the menu item, "Employment")

    ○ Selection procedures are publicly announced through the homepage one (1) month before the application period. For applications, applicants are required to submit their official scores in English. We determine final successful applicants through a written test after application, an evaluation of fitness and martial arts, an interview and a personality test, an essay test and a health examination.

    ○ As for employment of female security officers, the number of personnel is not allotted and selected, but they are hired in the order of scores by totaling test scores by stage. A small number of female security officers are employed every year.
  • ○ Presently, it is provided that as for the retirement age of security government officials, the age for over the level 5 grade is fifty eight (58) years old, and the age for below the level 6 grade is fifty five (55) years old, taking into account physical conditions, etc. for performance of duties. The age is rather shorter than the retirement age for general government officials, which is sixty (60) years old.

    ○ However, it is provided that where security government officials are in charge of providing security services for the former presidents or working for professional or special areas, their retirement age may be extended up to three (3) years according to their qualifications and criteria.
  • ○ From the present administration, the Presidential Security Service was advanced to the ministerial level in status pursuant to the amendment to the Government Organization Act in order to increase efficiency of security-related safety duties and strengthen responsibilities for performing duties in the reality of a divided country.

    ○ As a result, in order to cope with the threats by North Korea, the right to cooperate for adjustments of duties by the President Security Safety Committee composed of the security-related organizations at the ministerial level, including the Ministry of Defense, the National Intelligence Service, has been strengthened.

    ○ In addition, the morale of employees of the Presidential Security Service has been boosted and their pride has been heightened. Therefore, it has paved the way for performing integrated security missions with more strengthened security responsibilities.

  • ○ We believe it is necessary to better serve national interests for security personnel having provided security services while in office to continue to do so even after their retirement, for the purpose of protecting national secrets that they have acquired while in office and privacy.

    ○ We provide security services by making the policy determination that the respectful treatment for former presidents would be strengthened when the Presidential Security Service with professional personnel and equipment provides quality security services.

    ○ In addition, most of the countries adopting the presidential system, including the United States, Russia, France, provide the security services for life employment, and continue to provide security services even after employees have retired from an institution in charge of providing security services to the incumbent President.

  • ○ The homepage of Cheongwadae receives applications for viewing Cheongwadae, and the Presidential Security Service is in charge of providing security services for viewing. About 1,500 persons per day on average visit Cheongwadae. The Secretary for Administration is in charge of giving prior information on the times, the assembly areas, etc. for precinct viewing to individuals and entities that have applied for precinct viewing.

    ○ The presidential Security Service provides viewers with conveniences from the Gyeongbokgung, the assembly area for viewers until the time of completion of precinct viewing, such as providing direct information and guiding works, professional guiders' giving kind explanations.

  • ○ The Presidential Security Service thoroughly provides for all types of terrorist activities by maintaining a close business cooperation system with security related organizations, in order to cope with various terrorist activities that may occur in the Cheongwadae areas, such as ground, air, or chemical and biological terrorist activities.

    ○ As for air terrorist activities, we designate certain areas around Cheongwadae and control the areas as airspace prohibited areas, and maintain a system of early warnings and anti-aircraft defense for twenty four (24) hours.

    ○ In order to cope with assaults by vehicles or chemical and biological terrorist activities, etc., we have established and operate independent security devices on the access roads around Cheongwadae. And we take all measures in preparation for all possible contingencies by installing cutting-edge devices to detect chemicals and biological materials and supplementing equipment, etc.

  • ○ With respect to all the places visited by the VIPs, the Presidential Security Service conducts inspection and measurement by using personnel and devices as an advance security measure.

    ○ Many devices are used to conduct inspection and measurement. As for devices for inspection and measurement, there are devices to defect explosives, devices to dismantle and destroy explosives when they are found, devices to conduct safety inspection for facilities, etc.

  • ○ For the presidential cars, we have and operate domestic bulletin-proof cars and foreign bulletin-proof cars. Vehicle types are arranged and operated taking into account security for events and security environments.

    We use the same fuel as the petroleum sold in the marketplace.

  • ○ The Service has perfectly performed duties while the security safeness control group was playing the central role, in holding large scale international events, such as the ASEM in 2000, the APEC in 2005, Korean-Asean Plus Three in 2008, the G-20 in 2010, and the Nuclear Security Summit, etc., and we have received compliments from the presidents and security organizations of various countries regarding the Service's security capacity.

    ○ Also, in 2010 when Korea held the G-20 Summit, the Service held the 10th conference of the APPS (Association of Personal Protection Services), introducing security subjects, giving security showings, displaying devices and introducing the preparations for the G-20, through which foreign security organizations have recognized the professionalism of the Service's security level.

    ○ There is an increase in the number of requests from abroad to transfer the Service's advanced security technologies, which are known as a result of having successfully held events of mutual visits between the heads and events among many countries. The foreign security officials, coming from Uzbekistan, Vietnam, Qatar, Indonesia, the Arab Emirates, etc. have received briefings on Korean-style security services by participating in the Service's international security safeness course.

  • ○ The Presidential Security Service specifies the matters on its own disciplinary actions as a law pursuant to Article 12 of the Act on Security of President, etc., and provides in detail the composition and operation of a disciplinary committee under Articles 28 through 31 of the Enforcement Decree of the Act and the Service's rules for disciplinary actions.

    ○ The reason why the Presidential Security Service independently specifies disciplinary actions related laws different from the central administrative agencies, is that the security officials' high morality and integrity are required different from the general government officials, because of the specialty of security works and because the duties to security for the President are directly related to national security, etc.

    ○ It is to ensure that the security officials' discipline among government officials are in order, because any corrupt activities by the employees of the Presidential Security Service may undermine the status of Cheongwadae beyond individuals and entities and may have an adverse impact on the government operations by the head of the country.

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