Highlights of the security service in the Nation's History!


Directions to the Presidential Security Service.

This is a facility for media representatives accredited to CheongWaDae.



subway image

A 15-minute walk from Exit No. 4 of Gyeongbokgung Station, Subway Line No. 3

  • Take Exit No. 4 of the Gyeongbokgung Station of Subway Line No. 3 and walk about 800 meters toward the Tongeui Police substation. There you will see the CheongWaDae fountain, where you turn right and walk 250 meters before you find Yeonpungmun Gate.

A 20-minute walk from Exit No. 1 of Anguk Station, Subway Line No.3

  • Take Exit No. 1 of the Anguk Station of the Subway Line No. 3 and walk 400 meters, passing the Pungmoon Girls’ High School. Then turn right and walk 900 meters before you find Chuncugwan Hall. Here you will find Yeonpungmun, the entrance to the Presidential Security Service, just 50 meters behind the Chunchugwan.


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A bus stop across from the former Hankook Ilbo Newspaper building

  • Express city bus 1500 B 272 406 708 704 8272 G 7022 7025 R 9710

Gyeongbokgoong bus stop

  • B 171 272 708 109 601 606 8272 G 1020 7025

Hyoja-dong bus stop

  • G 0212 1020 1711 7016 7018 7022

Maeul bus (Shuttle bus)

  • No. 9 (Chilsung Drugstore), No. 11 (Beomryeonsa Temple)


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By Car

  • If you use Seongsan Bridge, please head for Gyeongbokgung Station of Subway Line No. 3 passing through Sajik Road, then come into the Hyojadong-gil and go about 800 meters, where you can find the CheongWaDae fountain.
  • If you come from Seoul Railway Station or from Jongro, please pass through Sejongno (Road), and turn left at the end of the road before you turn right to enter Hyojadong-gil (Road). You can find CheongWaDae at the end of the road.