Highlights of the security service in the Nation's History!

Core Values

This is a space to verify the spiritual DNAs that make persons security officials.

Loyalty, Courage, Judgement, Integation, Self-Control
  • Loyalty The righteous attitude to place the center of one’s loyalty in the country and protecting the president of the country and devote all one’s efforts to fulfilling my duties sincerely and with total devotion.
  • Self-Control Always maintaining the attitude to perform individual duties by refining and controlling oneself for the purpose of fulfilling security duties based on professionalism and principles.
  • Integration Maximizing operational abilities with integrated thoughts by combining various operational factors based on effective communication and consideration for others.
  • Judgement Guaranteeing successful security activities based on the control of conditions and appropriate abilities to take action through prompt assessments of different security environments.
  • Courage Putting one’s beliefs into practice to sacrifice oneself without any hesitation by facing fears in order to effectively perform security duties.