Highlights of the security service in the Nation's History!

Interpretations & Commitments

This is where you can see the interpretations and commitments, and the spirituality of the security guards.


One loyalty, Everlasting reputation

One Loyalty
  • All employees will strive to perform security duties with only one heart by way of unity and harmony
  • The basic spiritual commitment of security guards towards the country and the people
  • The Presidential guards' security duties are part of a historical national consciousness to seek prosperity of the people premised upon one’s own sacrifice
  • Pride and professionalism taking pride in one’s being part of the Presidential security guard based on an attitude of self-sacrifice and service


“ I am a loyal Presidential security guard working to guarantee absolute security ”
of the leader of the country

  • One.
    I fulfill my duty with dedication at the risk of my own life.
  • Two.
    I will maintain the best preparation attitudes with thorough self-control.
  • Three.
    I will maximize my integrated operation ability with mutual trust and cooperation.
  • Four.
    I will lead with my prompt and correct findings of the conditions in different locations.
  • Five.
    I will act bravely to deal with any threat to the President.