Highlights of the security service in the Nation's History!

Smart Security, Assisted with the high technology equipments and digital system, extends the professionalism of the PSS which takes responsibility of the crucial part in national security.

Security Inspection

Technical security agents inspect the site inside and out thoroughly in assistance with the high-equipments, Detect threats such as explosives and quickly terminate troubles to keep and ensure site security.

Explosives Detection

  • Techical security agents inspect even sewages, manholes, and forest all over, where threats cannot be easily found.

폭발물 탐지정비

E.O.D (Explosive Ordnance Disposal)

  • Special agents and equpments are always ready to safely dispose any kind of identified explosive ordance.

행사장 내/외부점검X-Ray 촬영기폭발물 처리 로봇폭발물 파쇄기

Food inspection

Agents inspect all the foods and beverages of the freshness and possible poisonous ingredients brought in the site to serve the most fresh, secure, and excellent dining which raises satisfaction of the event.

Food and Beverage Inspection

  • Agents ensure food ad beverage safety by various test and through inspection of freshness, poisoning, chemicals, and heavy metals throughout all the processes production, purchase, transport, cooking, and serving.

Origin inspection, Ingredients purchase → Food transportation, Freshness inspection → Biochemistry inspection, Tasting

Security Screening systems

Agents search and screen every single person, vehicle, and luggage in systematic and stereoscopic manner to ensure no threat to penetrate and be added to the secured site.

Personnel and Luggage Screening

  • All personnels are identified by multiple screening systems such as RFID and facial recognition system. And every belongings and luggages are also screened by X-ray

1.비표확인 - RFID 비표 => 2. 신분재확인 - 얼굴인식시스템 => 3. 위험물품검색 - MD /  X-ray

Vehicle Screening

  • Vehicles are screened inside and lowerside using x-rays and inspection morrors, in acoordance with radiological detection and real-time search for and wanted vehicle search.

차량하부검색 => 검색경,방사능 게이트,검측견

Security Telecommunications

National command communication system must always be secured and maintained, Special communication. Activities prohibit operation of remote controlled explosives and sound facilities are supervised.

National Command Communication System

  • Agents manage and maintain N.C.C.S in perfect condition for 24 hours.

Special Communication Activities

  • Various special communication equipments are put in sites to block the operation of radio controlled explosives, Sound facilities are also regulated and controlled.

행사장 음향 관리경호 정보 스마트폰사이버테러 대응