Highlights of the security service in the Nation's History!

“Bitter tears in the unstable history Multidimensional changes has taken
place to avoid the recurrence of the former pain.”

“We devote ourselves to the future without forgetting the past”

We will progress reflecting pains of the past.

1968. 1. 21 Armed communist infitration

1968 1. 21 무장공비 청와대 습격 미수사건 이미지

Armed communists in North Korea infiltrated into Seoul and engaged in combat in order to bomb.
Blue House and assassinate key figures. (shoting to death 27, captured 1, escaped 3

Changes of presidential security service

  • The designation of ‘special security zones’ to fortify the security system of Blue House
  • The extension of security facilities such as walls, barricades, barbed-wire fences, etc.
  • The reinforcement of outer zone defence and preparation for a surprise attack by arranging the army
  • The designation of ‘P-73 Restricted Airspace’ in case of aerial infiltration

1970. 6. 22 Explosion of Memorial Gate in National Cemetery

1970 6. 22 국립묘지 현충문 폭파사건 이미지

During the president’s 6.25 commemoration religious service in Hyenchungwon, armed communists are found when they falsely exploded the bomb. (death by explosion 1, shoting to death 1)

Changes of presidential security service

  • Foundation of the technical security division responsible for safety management including explosives detection
  • Introduction of special communications equipment to detect wireless remote-control bombs
  • Reinforcement of advance intelligence activity

1974. 8. 15 Attack on Ms. Yuk Youngsoo

1974 8. 15 육영수 여사 피격사건 이미지

During the celebration of 8.15 Korea’s Liberation, Mun Segwang sniped at the first lady, Yuk Youngsoo
when he had failed to assassinate the president with the gun.

Changes of presidential security service

  • Foundation of family protection division and medical service
  • Development of protection doctrine and technique and reinforcement of situational training
  • Modernization of protection equipment including the introduction of a metal detector, a bulletproof table, etc.

1979. 10.26 Assassination of the president Bak Jeonghui

1979 10.26 박정희 대통령 시해사건 이미지

The ex-president Park Jeong hee was assassinated in the safe house in GungJeong-Dong by Kim Jaegyu, the director of the central intelligence agency. (4 guards’ death on duty including Cha Jicheol, the injured 1)

Changes of presidential security service

  • Guard without exception including the president’s close figures
  • Enhancement of safety activities in the special zones

1983. 10. 9 Blasting Aungsan National Cemetery in Myanmar

1983 10. 9 버마(現 미얀마) 아웅산 국립묘지 폭파사건 이미지

North Korea secret agents tried to use explosives on the grave ceiling to assassinate the president, but they falsely blast the bomb during rehearsal. (death on duty 17 including the presidential guard, the injured 14)

Changes of presidential security service

  • active guarding activity as well as checking without exception according to a level of guard in foreign countries during foreign visit
  • Progressive security activities and unexceptional technical inspection for overseas VIP visit considering the level of protection of the visiting countries.