Highlights of the security service in the Nation's History!

Ranging from the ancient country to the current republic –

“With the memory in the desperate era, the history of security service kept going today”

The Three kingdoms period~The Joseon Dynasty

It was necessary to protect the king since opposing forces always tried to overthrow the throne. The protection of the king also has the symbolic meaning of strong royal family pride.

The Three kingdoms period

삼국시대 표
Koguryeo (B.C. 37~668) Daemodal, Malgaek (B.C. 37~668) Guarding the imperial palace
Baekje (B.C. 18~660) 5 districts Dividing the capital into 5 districts and arranging 500 people in each district, defense of the imperial palace and the capital city
Silla (B.C. 57~935) Siwibu Guarding the imperial palace, Escorting the ceremonial walk of the royal family

The Goryeo Dynasty

고려시대 표
The former
918 WangGun ~ 1122 YeJong)
Junggun, Igun, Naesungeomgun (B.C. 37~668) The royal bodyguards, Guarding the imperial palace with royal sword, Escorting the king's access
The later
1122 InJong ~ 1392 The King GongYang)
Seongjungaema Special Forces closely escorting the king

The Joseon Dynasty

조선시대 표
The former (1392 TaeJo ~ 1623 GwangHaeGun) Gabsa / Naegeumwi

Uiheung royal bodyguards / Sibsa
Escorting the king/ a few good soldiers who guard closely escorting the king

Guarding the imperial palace/ palace patrol, security, forces for public order of the capital city
The middle
1623 InJo ~ 1863 CheolJong)
Howicheong, Eoyeunggun, Geumgun

Sukwiso, Jangyongwi, Jangyongyeong
Escorting the king

Guarding the imperial palace
The later
1863~1887 GoJong)
Muwiso, Muwiyeong


Siwidea, Chinwidae
pervision of the entire military service as Gojong' royal bodyguards

Escorting the king

Guarding the imperial palace

Daehan Empire ~ The second Republic

The presidential guard was under the unstable circumstances due to confusing historic events such as Japanese colonization, liberation and government establishment, the Korean War, 4.19, and 5.16

Daehan Empire ~ provisional governmen

대한제국~임시정부 표
1887 Gojong ~ 1948 Kyeongwiwon, Hwanggunggyeongwiguk,

Escorting the emperor and Guarding the imperial palace

Guadring key figures including the president in a provisional government

The president Lee Seungman

이승만 대통령 표
1948~1960 Kyeongmudae police station Guading the president, the vice president, the foreign head of the state, etc.

The president Yun Boseon

윤보선 대통령 표
1960 ~ 1962 Blue House contingent of policemen Guarding the president and the presidential residence (1960~1961)

The State Reconstruction Supreme Council

국가재건최고회의 표

1961 ~ 1963
Korea Central Intelligence Agency Security Guards The head of the state, the chairman and vice-chariman of the State Reconstruction Supreme Council, the prime minister, national guests (1961~1963)

After the Third Republic

The stability of the state and the protection of presidential security becomes the primary concern Presidential Security Service'. the first independent specialized security agency was founded. With the new name, PSS is developing itself based on its history.

The president Bak Jeonghui ~ the president No Muhyeon

박정희 대통령~노무현 대통령 표
1963 ~ 2008 Presidential Security Service The foundation of the first specialized presidential security agency (1963.12.17)

The president Lee Myeongbak

이명박 대통령 표
2008 ~ 2013 Presidential Security Service Integration of Presidential Security Service into the executive office of the president according to the governmental reorganization

The president Bak Geunhye

박근혜 대통령 표
2013~ 2017 Presidential Security Service Separation of Presidential Security Service into the executive office of the president according to the governmental reorganization

The president Moon Jae-in

문재인 대통령 표
2017~      Presidential Security Service Reform to the organization of the vice-minister class following the governmental reorganization